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The latest update to EPiCAD Sales (V.9.2) will see some changes to the way that the user interface looks. The functionality of your CAD software is just the same, but some changes have been made to the icons, menus and tabs available. Not only that, there's the addition of the diary and user preferences tab to look forward to.

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New Cutting List module available for purchase, allows for a user created cutting list to be easily produced for manufacturing. Door Styles have been updated so that they can be viewed graphically while choosing. More customisation options have been added to the Layers options in the preferences menu. Dummy Worktops have been fixed to now show holes when they should.

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EPiCAD R8.4.2

The walls interface has now been cleaned up and simplified and in response to customer feedback, we have reduced the number of icons on the main toolbar by grouping similar functions together. In release 8.4.2. there have been changes to the pricing screen, the layers and in 3DHD

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8.3 - As the software evolves our developers make it possible for the software to be customised to meet customer requests. In release 8.3, it is now possible for a customer to request a customised Project questions tab which enables compulsory questions to be specified.

You can now download the panoramic viewer app to "wow" your customers with EPiCAD designs. We also continue to improve and add to the catalogues which is this release has included an option to add coloured grout.

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In release 7.1 we have introduced three new flavours of EPiCAD which give you the ability to manage your clients and jobs more effectively.

EPiCADSales - designed for the single user. EPICAD Sales Manager - designed for the sales office with a team of sales people and EPiCAD Sales Team - used in conjunction with one Manager licence.

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The biggest change in the new version will be to the interactive 3D Graphics view which you get in the small preview window when picking items, the 3D pop-up and start up view in HD the render screen. You'll also see the addition of a Formica material catalogue for creating your own work tops.

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New users will automatically receive EPiCAD updates however it is up to you to download them and keep your software up to date. If you are an existing user on a monthly licence, or have purchased a Software Maintenance Agreement, you can update your software from the Activation and Updates section of EPiCAD.

About EPiCAD

EPiCAD is a CAD design software package for the KBB industry that is the result of development with leading professional designers and surveyors in the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom industry.

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