Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Installing the software

  • Q. Do I have to wait for a disc to install my software?

    A. No, you should have received an email with links in to download the software. If you haven't they are also available here

  • Q.Where is my downloaded file?

    A. Once you've clicked on the link, the file will download to your machine. It will either show in your browser at the bottom or the top of the screen depending on your browser or you will find it in your downloads folder.
    If you're not sure where your downloads folder is, it will depend on your operating system. The general advice is to open the start menu and your personal folder. The downloads folder will be in there.

  • Q. How do I activate my software?

    A. You will receive a 32 digit activation code by email when you purchase a licence. Launch the software from the desk top icon, enter your username and then copy and paste your code into the activation screen shown below. The software will open if your product is successfully activated.

  • Getting Started with EPiCAD Sales

  • Q. How do I edit a client record?

    A. Once you have set up a client record, each field can easily be edited. The only field that can't is the project reference. To edit any other field, open the "Client - Sales" tab , use the "Search" icon to locate the record you want to change and click "Ok" to open it. Then click the "Edit Client" icon and amend the details. Click Ok to save the changes.

  • Q. How do I take my updates?

    A. Updates are made available to download through the software, but are not installed automatically. They can be found on the "Activation and Updates" tab. We suggest that you take your updates at least once a week to keep your software fully up to date. Simply go to the "Activation and Updates" tab, select "Updates" from the menu on the left. Click on download updates and then close the software once prompted. Log back into the software for the updates to be installed. You will receive notifications of new releases of the software via email.

  • Q. I've rendered my design, how do I print the image?

    A. In versions 9.0.0 and later, you can quick print within the 3DHD screen. First, click the View/Print button to see your saved images along the bottom of the screen.

    Right click on the image and select Quick Print Image

    For more printing options, close the 3D view, save and exit and select the image tab on the client screen. Here you can publish a PDF which not only shows your images but also your company logo and details - providing you've added them in. Use these buttons to try it yourself.

  • Q. Can I add my company logo to the quote?

    A. Yes. Open the maintenance tab and select preferences on the left. Click to upload your logo from your machine, into the software. The following preferences can also be set for your company. Simply type the details into the fields

    Image Types on signoff are the types of images you want to be automatically generated when signing off the layout. Have a try with each and then set your preferences. The options are PLAN saves a plan view TILING saves images of any wall, floor or surface that is tiled WTOP saves an image of each view of a worktop ELEV saves images of each elevation All of the fields relating to a quote or contract allow you to add text of your choice into various areas throughout the reports. You can view an example quote here and edit the fields as you wish.

  • Q. Can I change my user name?

    A. Yes. Open the Maintenance tab and select My Account on the left. Click change User Name. Here you can also change your password and contract number range.

  • Q. I can't find what I'm looking for in the catalogue, is there a search?

    A.You can search within a catalogue but not in all catalogues at the same time. So you might need to search in more than one to find the item you are looking for, depending on what it is. To search the whole of a catalogue you'll need to clear down the layout categories. Click the "x" next to each of the categories and the field will clear. You can then click on the search icon.

    If you are searching for a code, you will need to make the code visible by clicking the icon highlighted in yellow.

    Type in the search field and the items will be listed below. In this example, we've searched for Belfast sinks.

    You can then select the item and add it in to your design. You will then need to clear the search field to locate other products.

  • Q. Which lighting scheme do I use?

    A. This is a tricky question to answer. The lighting affects the rendered image in different ways depending on the position of the windows, the size and shape of the room, the material added to fascias and how the sun position and elevation are set up. There's also an element of preference involved. So we advise you to spend some time in this area of the software to get the best rendered image possible.

    Here are some examples to show you the same design with different lighting schemes:

    Daylight Cloudy

    Daylight Sunny

    Fast Cool

    Fast Warm

    All of these examples have been rendered using the High quality option, the same background choice and no extra lighting.

  • Help and Training

  • Q. Are there tutorials available?

    A. Tutorials can be found on our EPiCAD tutorials page as well as on our YouTube channel. There are also help pages available in the software on the Help tab. You can also access the help pages through the software by clicking on a question mark where ever you see them.

  • Q. Do you have training days?

    A. It's possible to arrange a training day for you and your colleagues. These are chargeable based on the amount of time required. We tend to advise customers that we can offer training remotely because our experience has taught us that this is not only more cost effective but it really does work well. Online training can be just as successful as training in person if not more so because at the end of an online training session, you can be sent a video and a summary via email that you can then refer back to.

  • Making a Purchase

  • Q. How much does the software cost?

    A. Prices can be found on the website
    Opun Planner
    Windows and Doors

  • Q. Are there any staged payment schemes available?

    A. Yes. We try our best to reach solutions for our customers that are cost effective for us and beneficial for you. Please contact us for more information if you are looking to buy EPiCAD.

  • Problem Solving

  • Q. Why isn't the client I created showing in the list?

    A. This could be the filtering on the client search screen. Check that the status you need is selected.

    If you're not sure of what status it will be under, clear the search to search all records.

  • Q. What is "Client Status"?

    A. If there are multiple designs saved under the client, where one has been signed off and another is active, the status will be completed. This works in the same way if any one design under a client record has been made inactive.

    Active (With Sales)
    The design has been saved. A quote may have been made but it hasn't been signed off.
    Contract Complete
    Signed off

    When you complete a design, you can sign off the job so that it is marked as complete. Contracts can be generated at this point for you to email or print. To sign off your job, open the client record and select Designs on the left. Then click this icon: You'll then be asked the following.

    1. Choose the first option if your client wishes to buy.

    2. Enter the payment details.

    3. Confirm and generate the required documents.

    Inactive (No Sale)
    Signed Off but not sold.
    If you want to mark the client as completed but the client didn't buy, you can with these options selected:

  • Q. I think I've lost my design, what do I do?

    A. If the software experienced a crash last time it was open, you may need to recover your design. Before doing this though, double check the following:

    1. Is the design Active? The tick box filters the list of designs showing. Untick the box and see if the missing design appears.

    2. Are you checking the right client record?

    3. You can check which client record you are looking at here:

    If the design still hasn't been found you can recover the last back up. Click the "Recover Design" icon at the top. This will open the last auto back up made under this client record.

    Still can't find your design? Call the support team on 0114 266 5775 and we'll help as much as we can.

  • Q. Does EPiCAD work on a Mac?

    A. Yes, if you have a Windows operating system installed. Call us for more information on 0114 266 5775 or email opunplan@opun.house

  • Q. If I buy a licence, what happens if my PC breaks? Can the software be moved to another machine?

    A. We recommend backing up your EPiCAD/EPiSolar data files in case this was to happen. If you have your database and job folders, we can install the software on a new machine and copy across the data meaning that you don't lose any of your jobs, company preferences or catalogue changes.

    We would also need to move your licence as each licence purchased can only be activated on one machine at a time.

  • Q. Can I add my own materials?

    A. You can add your own materials into the tiling and linear catalogues which can then be applied to worktops, walls and floors. At the moment, there isn't the functionality built into the software for you to add your own materials for fascias or carcasses. If this is something you would like to be included in a future release, please let us know. We base our development priorities on our customer request log so please get in touch.

  • Q. Can't find your answer here?

    A. Please submit an Enquiry Form

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